Disaster Recovery & Data Backup

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning are fundamental to an organisation of any size.

Millions of pounds are lost each year through lost data and the associated business disruption.

Increasing cases of cybercrime and malicious attacks on your network could cause unprecedented damage to your workflow and data. Imagine the scenario of arriving at work to discover all of your data is no longer available; what would you do?

Miller Waite have plans available for any amount of data and to suit any budget. Let us completely eliminate this risk. We now have a proven system in place to facilitate true off site server and data protection. Essentially a set of working servers are configured to operate from our secure server rooms. These are synchronised with your 'live' working servers meaning that they are always ready to act as your primary network should disaster strike.

A full DR plan should consider all aspects of the business. As well as IT this may include telephones, staff, communication via media and customer details etc. Obviously, all of this work can appear somewhat daunting and that is where we can help by working with you to gather and document all of these items as company procedures.

A plan for data backup and restoration of electronic information is essential.