Business Continuity

Fundamental to any organisation.
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Business Continuity

Business Continuity Planning

There are many IT services and functions within an organization which must be delivered continuously without interruption. Therefore, instead of focusing only on resuming these in the shortest possible time, the aim of Miller Waite is to create an individual IT business continuity plan to ensure that critical operations continue to be functional even in the event of a disaster.

What is IT business continuity planning?

For an IT business continuity plan to work, it must be carried out proactively and at regular intervals. This will ensure that Miller Waites technical staff remain in touch with all IT systems and are able to affect the necessary processes that will form the businesses continuity plan. This plan will ensure that the business retains client goodwill, meets its legal obligations and avoids any mishaps.

Why outsource IT resources?

If you consider the cost of having your own IT staff against the cost of out-sourcing your IT maintenance and support then the cost savings are significant, which is one reason why more and more organisations are now out-sourcing.

Out-sourcing your IT maintenance and support to a Miller Waite provides value for money as well as a high level of service delivered by our team, whose combined skills cover all aspects of IT. This in turn gives more time for your staff to work on what is most important for your organisation - expanding your services and supporting your customers.

For over 24 years Miller Waite has perfected a range of services which enable us to take total responsibility for the smooth running of your IT systems, which are all endorsed with our own guarantees.

Bespoke arrangements

Since there are an infinite number of business IT system combinations, which range widely in size and complexity, so Miller Waite has a totally flexible approach to its service offerings. Essentially we agree a schedule that fits best with your business needs. This gives us all of the knowledge and information we need to best manage and protect your business IT.