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IT Help Desk
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Complete IT Solutions

IT Help Desk

The main purpose of Miller Waite's IT help desk service is to improve our customers own IT experience. We make it clear and simple for customers to get first class IT support and advice.

  • Our direct technical support improves our customer's operational efficiencies by minimising users down time.
  • Speaking with our technical support specialists gives customers timely resolutions to IT related issues.
  • Our IT help desk support provides immediate response to customer requests.
  • All communication is with an actual person working in our own offices.
  • Our experienced, highly trained technical support specialists have the resources to fix a wide variety of IT related problems.
  • Using our IT help desk support contributes to the improved quality of our customers own products and services.
  • Unlimited desktop support, no unexpected bills. Any desktop issues you encounter day to day are resolved remotely.
Process efficiencies

Our in house IT help desk support calls come directly to a member of our own team. This enables our in house technicians to interact directly, which in turn leads to faster problem resolution.

A single place to report issues

Our in house IT help desk provides a centralised location to deal with customer's IT related technical issues. Customers simply contact our IT help desk in the knowledge we are trained to handle complex IT problems.

Ticket generation

Our IT help desk ensures issues are handled in a timely manner; they are each assigned a unique ticket, which is used to record all activity. This ticket controls the time frame of the problem to its resolution.

A systematic approach

Our IT help desk team receives ongoing training in all aspects of IT support. Our systematic approach to problem solving means our customers benefit from timely, effective solutions.

Complete visibility

All help desk support is logged in our ticketing system. This documentation is visible to both the support staff and the end user.