Disaster Recovery

Secure Offsite Data Backup
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Disaster Recovery

Secure Offsite Data Backup

Imagine the scenario of arriving at work to discover your data is no longer available - what would you do? Safeguarding data is not only fundamental to the operation of an organisation; business owners have a legal responsibility to protect their company's data.

Miller Waite's secure offsite data backup stores your business-critical data away from your premises providing a robust data backup that is simple, secure and affordable.

Benefits of our secure offsite data backup:

  • Automatic daily backup
  • Secured using the latest encryption
  • Daily email confirmation with backup statistics
  • No maintenance or in-house knowledge required
  • No software purchase or upgrade fees
  • On-going support and file restore included

Available for any size of business, secure offsite data backup completely eliminates the risk of data loss. Whatever happens at your place of work, your offsite data will remain intact and secure. Millions of pounds are lost each year through lost data. As 1 in 5 UK businesses have been a victim of data cybercrime Miller Waite will ensure this is a risk you no longer need to take.

At the heart of your business is your data, such as, accounts, client information, production lists and stock reports. Data loss disrupts business life and may ultimately destroy your business, be it fire, flood, theft, user error or cyber-attack.

At the heart of Miller Waite is data security; we employ AES encryption, SSL certification and the ability to add your own encryption keys. We offer secure and reliable offsite backup for all business data. For added peace of mind, we monitor these systems daily to ensure your back-up processes are working correctly.

In the rare event that something does go wrong, you can trust our specialist team to restore your data with the minimum of disruption.